Illustrations for Cream Chargers

Illustrations can do more than 1000s of words ever could – the new design that I’m being commissioned for C&J Cream Chargers is supposed to encapsulate the notion of the fun of whipping cream but covey a serious element because of the serious chef nature of molecular cuisine – that already seems to be a tall order to me – but add to that the fact that it will be expected to resemble a Chibi and the the simple cream chargers illustration will become much, much harder!!

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Cream Chargers Alchemy

Is is possible that C&J Cream Chargers have nailed it with turning lead into gold- or spinning a whipped cream tale that turns cream charges into gold – not that I’ve finished the project that I need to do for them but merry that those two girls really have their heads stitched on the right way around!

cream hair

cream hair

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